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ALL SEASONS ADVISORY SERVICES operates in one of the most regulated industries in the world, so "independence" does not mean we have free reign. In fact, LPL Financial Advisors have compliance at the local level and at the broker/dealer level, as well as, regulatory oversight from national agencies. LPL Financial does not offer proprietary products and ALL SEASONS ADVISORY SERVICES does not answer to external sales quotas or a board of directors. Therefore, we are able to focus on our client's needs while organically growing our practice in a sustainable and ethical manner.

ALL SEASON ADVISORY SERVICES is committed to providing superior service with objective advice. These services include:

  • REVIEWS (individual, business, beneficiary, insurance)
  • EDUCATION (one-on-one or small-group setting)
  • INSURANCE (Annuities, Life, Long-Term Care)
  • FINANCIAL PLANNING (Pre/Post Retirement, Income/Distribution, Asset Allocation, Capital Outlay, Education Funding, Cash Flow, Debt Management, Insurance Needs)
  • *INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (Retirement & Non-Retirement)


Typically, investment management utilizing a fee-based or advisory relationship is for clients who want ongoing advice from a fiduciary. The management is usually customized and active. The Advisor's compensation is more transparent than brokerage. At ALL SEASONS ADVISORY SERVICES some of the above services, like basic financial planning, would be included as part of the advisory relationship. An easy way to think of an advisory relationship is to envision a full-course meal or an all-inclusive resort.

Brokerage investments on the other hand are more like an ala carte meal or a pay-as-you-go vacation. Brokerage accounts are for a client who wants occasional recommendations on specific securities. The client usual wants to make their own investment decisions and will follow a long-term buy and hold strategy. Compensation is usually by commission and transactional. At ALL SEASONS ADVISORY SERVICES, clients will typically pay for additional services like financial planning separately.

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